KellBell designs’ Story

The Evolution of KellBell designs.

How KellBell designs came to be.  I love to create.  I love to paint.  And, eventually, I realized how much I loved bringing joy (and oftentimes whimsy) into someone’s life with my work.  And, so, I started KellBell designs.

And, oh, how it has evolved.



      In the beginning…KellBell designs started small

  • hand painted personalized wood gift items: step stools, name signs, letters, frames, bookends, jewelry boxes, rocking horses, etc.
  • hand painted holiday themed  gift items
  • hand painted“life at the lake” gift items
  • hand painted custom items (you dream it…I paint it)

The “Tween” Years.  

      Then, my work began to mature…

  • custom paintings on canvas
  • hand painted wood monograms
  • hand painted whimsical, funky furniture

The “Courting” Years.

     Then, I started working in peoples’ homes…

  • wall murals
  • room makeovers*

*My room makeovers involve a variety of things, such as:

  • updating a child’s room to reflect his or her personality: ranging from babies to teens and from few changes to starting from scratch
  • giving rooms a new purpose  (i.e. creating a craft room that inspires,  a lounge for teens to hang out in, a play room designed to hide the clutter but evoke imagination)
  • refreshing furniture with paint
  • finding creative ways to display belongings (child’s artwork, trinket collections, books)
  • re-using what a client already owns in new and unique ways
  • finding “gems” in a client’s storage to use in a space (i.e. what to do with all those of vases: how to display your child’s ceramic masterpieces)
  • shopping for new room decor to freshen up or finish off a room
  • decorating with creativity

My specialty, you ask???  I especially enjoy re-using a client’s things in different and unique ways in their home or in a room.  Isn’t it just the best to update or reinvent the purpose of something you already own rather than buy something new? (future blog post: Room makeovers)

The Adult Years. 

     Then I added some totally new things

Working with people brings me joy.  I find helping others organize so rewarding.  This process can be so overwhelming for many.  Or considered to be downright awful (too time consuming, too many places to start, too much stuff to handle).  For me, I just love it!  I especially love to help someone find that sense of  accomplishment and peace that comes after working through this process (Go to menu page: To Organize)  And, I do it with enthusiasm, a ton of energy, creativity and a as much humor as my client can stand (or allow)!

The Mid-Life Crisis.  

Stay tuned to see where KellBell designs will go next!!  Painting cars or appliances?? Who knows?

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