Let’s Get Creative

I love to add lots of color and imagination to everything.  If you are looking to have a piece of furniture painted in one color, I can do it…but it’s not where my talents shine.  Now, give me a challenge…and I’m your girl.


Want your child to have something room that reflects his or her personality?  Something unique and fun?  Something special to wake up to every morning?

A little girl’s wonderland…

IMG_6362 (1)

Sometimes, it’s time to change it up, my friend. Moving furniture around to reinvent a space is my jam.  And updating the colors or theme of a room can do wonders.  See the “Before Photos” of this room below.


A Teenager on Trend…


Can you believe this is the same room?


A Family Tree with some flair.

This family wanted family trees in each of their kids’ rooms.  I like to take things up a  notch.

Family tree



Any kind of room will do.

Even an elevator could use a little color -especially when they are old and slow.  Gives you something to look at during the ride!



Want your teenager to stay close to home with her friends so you feel like you have some sense of what they are all up to?  Well, how about creating an inviting and fun space in your own home?

Go glam or go home…

This room will certainly NOT     cut it.
IMG_1317 (1)
      This room could do the trick!







Or something a little more festive and bright…

KellBell designs Ahmed sister lounge

KellBell designs sister lounge full

(Will add more photos soon.) 


Own a One-of-a-Kind.  

Did you find or have a piece of furniture you want spruced up?


Give it a face lift. 

These 50 year old desks and this ho-hum chair got a face lift.   Originally, these old pieces of furniture weighed down the room in their original finish.  Paint can sure brighten up your space!  (Don’t worry- no antique furniture was harmed by my work.  I know better than to paint something that should be treasured.  Well, unless my client really, really wants me to.  Keep the customer happy.)

IMG_0507 (1)



KellBell designs lake office desk

A keepsake.

Something unique for the grand-kids?  Something really personal?  This custom table and chairs has a story to tell, a place for kids to sit, chairs that slide under when not in use, and a game.  Looks like South BendLand is today’s new CandyLand!


Stay tunes to see more photos of my work…including more of the above and …

hand painted personalized wood gift items:

  • step stools, name signs, frames, bookends, jewelry boxes, rocking horses, etc.
  • holiday themed
  • “life at the lake”themed
  • hand painted custom items (you dream it…I paint it)
  •  wood monograms

custom canvases





And more …

E-mail kellybellinger3@gmail.com Hours Will respond as soon as possible.
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