Let’s Get Organized!

Create a new space with creativity and thrive..

This space could be just a child’s room or office.  Or, in many cases, it could be your entire home.  That is what it was for me when I started going through this process personally a few years ago.  And, yes, I did read The Magic of Tidying Up” by that “lady from that Netflix show” (Mari Kondo) before I dove in.  And, boy oh boy, it was work but sooooooo worth it.

What I also learned in that process is that I had a lot to offer to others going through the same thing – attempting or wanting to organize their homes.

Why hire me?  Because I understand…


painting and drawing tools setA LOT TO WORK WITH.

I understand having A LOT OF STUFF.  A LOT.  You would think I was born during the Depression if you saw what sorts of things I had kept over the years.  I wasn’t hoarding…but I certainly was saving for that “one time I may need it or want it”.  So, don’t worry, your “lots of stuff” doesn’t intimidate me.  Been there. Done that.  And I’m ready for the next Great Challenge!


photo of room full of toys


I understand the psychological tie one can have with “things.”  My undergraduate degree in Psychology introduced me to understanding how people can think or feel about certain things.  And my lifelong and adult friendships have allowed me to learn about others at a deeper level.  (I am so blessed with the honesty of those friendships).  I’ve also had to go through the process of deciding what was truly important to keep.  After my husband passed away, every single item of his took on a certain degree of importance.  I was able to donate some things…but just felt I had to keep the rest.  It wasn’t until l went through my things that I began to understand how I would want to be remembered.  Not by my clothes, electronics, etc etc.   And, then it hit me that he would want us to keep what truly reflected who he was as a person and how he got there.  Yes, this did include keeping some clothes, but not some of the broken childhood toys I couldn’t part with before.  Of course, we kept EVERY SINGLE STAR WARS ITEM.  Bu that is because he and our son loved Star Wars.  I digress.  Anyway, this is my way of saying that I can understand how things can take on a life of their own, but now I know how choosing the right things to keep can actually make you feel closer to a person.

beige and black chair in front of white desk
Minimalism isn’t necessary…


I understand that you don’t have to become a minimalist to feel that sense of beautiful relief that being organized can give you.  Look, here’s the deal, I am a creative type and I, personally, have a lot of stuff.  But I have purged with intention.  And, I realized I had a lot that I actually didn’t need.



brown wooden desk with rolling chair and shelves near window
because this looks just as good and evokes inspiration

Thus, admittedly, I do keep things that I think could be cool used in some way/some day.  In fact, I just came up with a “brilliant” idea of reusing 12 small spice jars to hold Apple cords and earbuds.  (Truth be told, I could have probably gotten rid of a few more pairs of earbuds:)


Anyway, I don’t try to get clients to rid of things for the sake of getting rid of a lot, but I do help them  consider the purpose and use of things during the organizing process.






I understand how creativity can take it to the next level.  This is where the fun comes in….I think outside the box.  I think creatively.  I truly believe this is the best thing I bring to the table (other than my tireless effort and enthusiasm TO GET IT DONE!).

I enjoy figuring out ways to display peoples’ belongings to inspire.  To bring joy.  For instance, my 9 year old daughter loves to write.  I set up a writing desk for her that has all of her journals between bookends I painted for her years ago, a purple hand clay she made in Kindergarten “holding” a super fancy rainbow pen, an inspirational coffee cup with all of her fun pencils.  Basically, I displayed things she already had…but were tucked away.  Now, she sees her desk and thanks me…again and again.  And then, she writes.




I understand and welcome the mess.  My first request:  do not organize BEFORE I come over.  It is a waste of time.  I love the mess.  I invite the mess to dance.  I learn from your mess.  And I don’t judge.  I’ve seen a lot (even in my own home.). To be messy is to be human…but to get organized, feel oh so good.  Oh, and I’ll keep it in the vault (confidence as you wish).



yellow plush toy


I understand the joy of decluttering and organizing.  It’s true. I don’t understand it…but organizing gives me energy.  I absolutely love it.  I also appreciate being trusted by others to allow me into their homes and their lives.  I take this very seriously and treat it as such.  I keep what I do and what I see confidential (unless a client says it’s ok to share or post a photo.).

E-mail kellybellinger3@gmail.com Hours Will respond as soon as possible.
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