My Story

If I were a superhero….

being creative would be my superpower.


And my weapon of choice? A paintbrush!

While I might need to delegate defeating an evil villain to another superhero, I’d certainly welcome the opportunity to repair, refresh and renew said villain’s “path of destruction” with some paint and creativity.

From contracts to creativity…

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.                                                       Leo Tolstoy    

Tolstoy’s words come to my mind when thinking about my own professional journey.  Prior to pursuing artistic endeavors in 2006, I practiced law as a corporate attorney.  Not the typical career path – from lawyer to artist – but, here we are.  While I enjoyed working with clients on their contractual matters as well as other business issues, a health issue caused me to take a pause and focus on what was most important to me.  My health and family.  So, I removed my lawyer hat, and while I was taking this break, rediscovered my love of art and found the time to dive back in.  And look where that has led. Who’d a thunk it?

I find true personal joy in creating art (murals or furniture makeovers) and a deep satisfaction in helping others organize their homes so that they can make not only physical space, but mental space, to tap into their own creativity and calm.  I look forward to unleashing my “superpower” with you.

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